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Streetwear clothing has become an incredibly large industry within the past few years. The internet and it’s instant access to information has paved a way for a plethora of brands to enter the limelight through their growing social media fan bases and the influencers that represent them. In 2019 there is a clothing brand catered to just about every fashion style and taste you can think of. Through big time fashion influencer,  hip-hop artist, and micro-influencer personal brands on various social media platforms brands are able to expose their products to a number of people unseen before. Because of this there has been a massive amount of product that has exploded onto the marketplace. Companies are able to find consumers for their products and consumers are able to find clothing brands to fit their unique style tastes. 

With The Streetwear Times we want to bring all the leading news on streetwear clothing brands and the pieces they release as well as connecting you, the consumer, to them the brand. Every week new articles will be released with the latest stories and information on upcoming drops, collaborations, and other clothing industry hype. 

So what exactly is streetwear clothing? Well, right now there seems to be a trend with the type of clothing that is being released labeled as “streetwear”. A lot of that can be attributed to the modern internet influencer designers such as Heron PrestonJerry Lorenzo, and Virgil Abloh. The look is a unique twist on the modern day mix between cozy, luxury, and distress. But is this the only style of clothing design that falls under the streetwear clothing umbrella? Absolutely not. Like we discussed above the internet has allowed for brands to be found by the consumers who would enjoy their products the most, therefore allowing for each and every niche to be filled. Streetwear clothing is really just a term to describe internet fashion brands that are independently owned and designed and who fill a niche specific to their brands culture. 

Modern hip-hop is heavily influential on this idea of streetwear clothing as well. Having to become characters through their various social media platforms, artists develop a unique style specific to them and their music. Some artists like Kanye WestTravis ScottFuture, and Playboi Carti have such massive followings that even the clothing they wear becomes a topic of conversation and something to aspire after. This creates massive waves in the clothing industry and specifically the streetwear clothing industry because the modern version of the word has been born from hip-hop itself. 

If you are interested in fashion and have a liking for streetwear, hip-hop, or anything of the sort, The Streetwear Times is the news blog for you. Drop us a follow and keep up with the latest news we are going to be posting each and every week. Learn, be entertained, and become part of a community of people who love and live for clothing and the brands that create the pieces we wear.

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